Primary School (PYP)

The learning programme at International School Telemark (IST) has been designed to engage students in learning that is relevant, challenging and significant. As an International Baccalaureate (IB) school offering the Primary Years Programme (PYP), our philosophy and approach is based upon the teaching and learning principles of guided inquiry, development of globally significant conceptual understandings, collaborative learning, differentiation and assessment for learning.  

Guided inquiry enables our students to integrate information across traditional subject areas and apply the accumulation of their knowledge in a cohesive and effective way. What matters is the development of our students’ capability to take what they have learned and to apply this learning to new situations. Engaging in guided inquiry involves students and teachers in a collaborative process of identifying questions about a unit of inquiry that they then work towards answering before communicating, reflecting and acting upon newly acquired understandings and skills.

The PYP is organized according to the three pillars of the PYP curriculum framework— the learnerlearning and teaching , and  the learning community .

  • The learner: describes the outcomes for individual students and the outcomes they seek for themselves (what is learning?)
  • Learning and teaching: articulates the distinctive features of learning and teaching (how best to support learners?)
  • The learning community: emphasizes the importance of the social outcomes of learning and the role that IB communities play in achieving these outcomes (who facilitates learning and teaching?)

Our teachers take pride in developing positive relationships with each student as a unique person. They recognize the importance of motivating children to become the best version of themselves – socially, academically and creatively. We firmly believe that success is achieved when students are supported and encouraged to persevere and to embrace challenge as an integral part of learning. The primary school at International School Telemark is an International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program accredited school.

PYP Exhibition

PYP Exhibition will be displayed here.

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