Temporary PYP class teaching position for August 2019

The Norwegian county of Telemark is one of the most attractive areas of the country with a stunning
coastline, deep forests, historic waterways and beautiful mountains. We are within reach of the
cosmopolitan delights of Oslo, the countries of Denmark and Sweden, whilst the European mainland
is a ferry journey of 3 hours.
The international airport of Sandefjord Torp serves regular flights throughout Europe and the fast
developing road and rail connections link Telemark with the rest of the country. For anyone with a
keen interest in the outdoors, winter sports and nature, this region offers enormous potential and is
one of the most varied and picturesque in Norway.
IST is a fast growing school with an excellent facility, keen and enthusiastic students, and a positive
focus on quality to be one of the best of its kind. If you are interested in coming to work with us here
to be part of such a future in one of the top countries for both standard of living and economic
success, then consider the following exciting teaching opportunity:

 IB PYP Class Teacher for 2019-2020

The position is a temporary full time post (for the 2019-2020 academic year) within PYP, specifically
in Grades 3-5, and you will be responsible for teaching and learning of a class of up to 21 students.
The position will be part of the school’s teacher pay scale and is to cover extended staff leave during
this period.
The position will include the following areas of responsibility:
 Curriculum leadership and management for a PYP class
 Academic and pastoral care
 Team planning
 Assessment and student monitoring of progress
The skills desirable of the incumbent are:
 Excellent understanding and knowledge of primary/Key Stage 1/IB phase 1-2 education and
student development
 Excellent classroom management skills
 IB experience (especially of PYP)
 Good team work, communication and collaborative skills
 Flexibility, enthusiasm and professionalism
 Understanding and experience of living and working in Nordic Europe

The positions will benefit from a competitive teachers’ salary and relocation allowance. This position
would benefit someone keen a short term post in an exciting and forward thinking international IB
school in Norway.

Please apply with a letter of application outlying your skills, experience and interest in the position
and school, and include your most recent CV and three references. Deadline for applications is
Wednesday 24 April 2019.
Send applications to: principal@istelemark.no or contact for further information about the position.
The school website is: www.istelemark.no