Learning Support Teacher

This full time (100%) position is to act as a specialist in Learning Support (LS) working with SEN
students (Special Educational Needs) and including teaching language attainment and improvement
skills to students in both English and Norwegian. The position will both lead and manage work with
individuals and groups of students, particularly in Grades 1-6.
The position will include the following areas of responsibility:
 Teaching and working with SEN/LS students
 Support and assistance to the management and leadership of SEN/LS
 Team planning
 Case managing student referrals, assessment, testing and documentation
 Documentation, collaboration and liaison with parents and external organisations (including
BUP, PPT, SAF etc)
 Analyse reports from professional organisations
 Write Individual Education Plans (IEP)s based upon the professional organisation reports
 Assessment and student monitoring of progress
 Teaching reading to beginning and struggling readers
 Assist in improvement strategies for struggling readers
 Development and implementation of literacy improvement plan
 Meet with literacy and math coordinators
 Conduct pre and post-testing using standardized tests for each student
 Demonstrate competency in all subject areas
 Participate in the identification of students with possible disabilities
 Provide direct student instruction
 Collaborate with grade level and subject teachers
 Plans lessons that reflect accommodations and modifications for individual differences
 Implements positive behavioural interventions and supports with discipline management
 Employs a variety of instructional techniques incorporating current technology
 Differentiates instruction for students with disabilities by employing a variety of instructional
 Differentiate instruction for students with language deficits (English, Norwegian)
 Engages students in work that develops thinking skills.

 Bachelor’s degree in teaching primary or secondary students; Specialist training in Learning

 Preferable qualifications: BA in Special Education, English as a Second language (ESL),
Reading Specialist Certificate
 Relevant primary or secondary teaching experience
 Experience working with diverse student groups, learning abilities and challenges
 Knowledge and experience in international schools or in an international/English language
structure an advantage

However, above all, we are looking for an open, flexible and excellent Learning Support teacher.

How to apply

Please apply as soon as possible with a letter of application outlying your skills, experience and
interest in the position and school, and include your most recent CV and three references.

Send applications to: principal@istelemark.no or contact for further information about the position.
The school website is: www.istelemark.no