Norwegian in PYP

What will I learn in Norwegian?

Main focus in Norwegian will be to learn sounds/spelling, grammar, syntax, specific Norwegian literature genres, in addition to reading and learning strategies. Some unit-work will also be done in Norwegian.
Norwegian curriculum for primary school is very big, and not all of this can be taught at IST since the school has a small amount of lessons per week, compared to public schools of Norway.


How will I learn Norwegian in school?

Our students will learn Norwegian by being introduced to different texts through different strategies, on different levels. Homework reading is also a part of the learning, and we strongly encourage parents to follow up home reading and homework throughout the different class levels.


How will Norwegian be useful to me?

Norwegian is the host language of IST, and our students are part of this society. It’s therefor of vital necessity to learn the language in order to understand and interpret the communication of our society. Not learning Norwegian is not an option.


What ATL skills are important in Norwegian?

Language is a vital part of our lives and has an influence on all areas throughout our life span. We know that lack of language has a serious negative impact on a persons’ quality of life. IST wants to educate lifelong learners. All of the ATL skills are therefore equally important in language learning of Norwegian, and will be taught and used throughout the students’ time at IST.

Communication skills Exchanging thoughts, messages and information effectively through interaction. Reading, writing and using language to gather and communicate information.

Social skills Working effectively with others. Language is the key to understanding social norms and interacting with our society.

Self-management skills Managing time and tasks effectively. Managing state of mind. (Re-) considering what has been learned; choosing and using ATL skills.

Research skills Finding, interpreting, judging and creating information. Interacting with media to use and create ideas and information.

Thinking skills Analyzing and evaluating issues and ideas. The skills of invention – developing things and ideas that never existed before. Utilizing skills and knowledge in multiple contexts.