Grade 6

What will I learn in Grade 6?

Grade 6 is the final year of PYP. Its curriculum consists of six transdisciplinary units taught through various subject areas: Maths, Science, English, Norwegian, Social Studies, Technology, Art, PE, Art and Music. We learn through inquiry in real-life contexts with subject-specific skills embedded in each unit. Knowledge and application of skills and concepts is very important in the following years in MYP; we therefore practise and consolidate all the learned skills and concepts. The year culminates in the Exhibition, the process where you get to celebrate and showcase everything you’ve learned in PYP!







Various factors contribute to the shaping & expression our identity, which in turn affects our communities & environment.

Past civilizations shape present day systems & technologies.

Choices of role models reflect the characteristics that societies & individuals value.

Reproduction of living things contributes to the continuation of the species.

Marketplaces depend on the ability to produce goods & supply services that can be exchanged.

Finding peaceful solutions to conflict leads to a better quality of human life.

  • Students choose lines of inquiry for their project.

  • Aspects of past civilizations that have survived

  • Reasons these systems & technologies developed

  • Why modern societies continue to use adaptations of these systems & technologies

  • Implications for the future

  • Role models & why we value them

  • Why we should develop our own gifts, talents & interests

  • How personal strengths can be applied to help others.

  • Social Studies: Impact of first impressions; Countering misconceptions; reasons for what people wear; Clothing & identity

  • Reproduction as part of a life cycle

  • Reproductive processes

  • Genetics & hereditary factors

  • Medium of exchange in various marketplaces

  • Ethics of the marketplace

  • How & in what ways we depend on people in other places

  • How global movement & communication affect the availability of goods & services

  • Causes of conflict

  • Conflict resolution & management

  • Living & working together peacefully

How will I learn in Grade 6?

Because we are an inquiry-based programme, you will be encouraged to find out many of the answers to unit questions for yourself. You will be taught how to ask different types of questions and find out the answers to those questions. You will also need to think about how to present your findings and share them with others. In other words, you will be learning how to become a knowledgeable and effective communicator. Your teachers and fellow-students will help you reflect and improve on your work; and you, in turn, will be able to help others. In all units, there will be exciting tasks – sometimes assigned by the teacher and sometimes chosen by you – through which you will be asked to show your understanding of the unit’s concepts and skills. We encourage both individual and group work, which teach independence and collaboration.

What are the ATL skills we will focus on in Grade 6?

Since Grade 6 is the culminating year of PYP, all of the ATL skills receive an equal share of focus:


Communication We learn to listen and express ideas effectively

Social We collaborate with others and show respect and responsibility when working with others or alone

Self-management We practise using our time wisely and completing tasks on time

Research We use a variety of good-quality sources and practise academic honesty

Thinking We learn to think deeper and to think critically and to transfer skills from one subject to another