Grade 4

What will I learn in Grade 4?

In Grade 4 you will cover the following Units of Inquiry across the year, through which all subjects will be taught to ensure that meaningful learning links are created wherever possible. Planning is therefore collaborative, so that links can also be made with P.E, Art, Music, Design as well as the core subjects literacy, math & science (where appropriate):







Understanding different ways of learning enables people to respond to their own learning needs as well as those of others.

Exploration leads to discovery & develops new understandings.

People’s outward appearances can lead to perceptions & misconceptions.

The fact that materials can undergo permanent or temporary changes offers both challenges & benefits for society & the environment.

Complex factors contribute to the process of making decisions, which have implications for ourselves & for others.

Water is essential to life & is a limited resource for many people.

  • Learning communities

  • How people construct knowledge

  • Different learning styles

  • How learning styles impact the way people engage in a learning community

  • Reasons for exploration (historical and personal).

  • Feelings and attitudes associated with exploration

  • How exploration in the past has impacted modern life

  • Function: personal adornment, clothing and identity

  • reasons why people dress differently

  • How everyone expresses their uniqueness through the arts

  • Nature of chemical and physical changes

  • Practical applications and implications of change in materials

  • Ethical dilemmas associated with manufacturing processes and by-products

  • Factors that influence our decisions

  • Decision-making processes for groups and individuals

  • Impact or consequences of decisions

  • Sources of water and how water is used

  • What happens to water both before and after use

  • Responsibilities regarding water

How will I learn in Grade 4?

You will be both curious and inspired to inquire into the central ideas and core concepts.  Your skills, knowledge, understandings, views and experiences will be valued, extended and challenged by others in your learning community.  You will use your own and other students’ experiences to enhance your learning.   You will be creative when learning and try to develop a variety of ways to communicate complex ideas, for example using 3D modelling or sketches.  You will utilize technology as a tool to enhance your learning, to help you to collaborate, and to become an efficient learner.

What are the ATL (Approaches To Learning) skills we will focus on in Grade 4?

The key ATL skills will be Thinking, Communication and Research.

Thinking You will develop skills to understand concepts and how these can be utilized, in a transdisciplinary way, to help make sense of the world we live in.

Communication You will write regularly in your diary about your life and learning, both at school and beyond, to  help you to reflect , connect and take action.  You will openly talk and share issues with your peers and teachers in order to find solutions.

Research  You will be active in undertaking your own research, and find ways to help you embed learning for long term use.

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