Grade 3

What will I learn in Grade 3?

In Grade 3 you will engage in a complete range of different Units of Inquiry, as detailed in the table below. All subjects are taught through these units with the teachers of different subjects working together to ensure that the students are able to gain an understanding each topic from a variety of different perspectives.


What we believe is a part of who we are.


Human migration is a response to challenges, risks and opportunities.


A variety of signs and symbols enable local and global communications.


Earth’s position in space causes changes that affect life on Earth.


Communities provide interconnected services designed to meet people’s needs.


Children worldwide face a variety of challenges and risks.

  • What we believe.

  • How belief systems have changed, and are changing.

  • How our behaviour and thoughts are influenced by our beliefs.

  • The reasons why people migrate

  • Migration throughout history

  • Effects of migration on communities, cultures and individuals

  • Signs and symbols in the world around us

  • Reasons for the development of communication systems

  • Specialized systems of communication

  • Earth’s movements in space

  • The effect of the sun and the moon on Earth

  • The effects of global warming on life on earth

  • Reasons people live in the local community

  • Services needed to support a community

  • Planning services for a community

  • Challenges and risks that children face

  • How challenges faced by children in Norway differ from those faced by children in other countries.

  • Ways in which individuals, organisations and nations work to protect children from risk

How will I learn in Grade 3?

Each unit is developed in collaboration with the students. You are able to ask questions to further your learning and to suggest areas of each topic that you would like to learn more about. This enables the teachers to tailor the units for each class, ensuring a healthy balance of what you want to learn and what you need to learn.

In Grade 3 there is a strong focus on improving the your literacy and numeracy skills in order to allow you to become independent learners. Regular monitoring of your reading and writing skills results in each student being given clear targets and individualised support. The same is also true for your work in maths. You will also learn to use a variety of different media to assist you in your studies. The IST iPad programme will allow you to publish your work and to conduct independent inquiries. These skills will not only enable you to take more responsibility for your work but will also prepare you for a world in which technological literacy is increasingly essential.

What are the ATL skills we will focus on in Grade 3?

Key ATL skills will be Communication, Research and the development of higher level Thinking skills.

Communication Write for different purposes, give and receive meaningful feedback, use a variety of different media to communicate with a range of audiences.

Research Make connections between various sources of information, present information in a variety of formats, seek a range of perspectives from multiple and varied sources.

Thinking Interpret data, evaluate evidence, formulate questions, use mind-mapping to generate new ideas and inquiries.