Grade 2

Grade 2


What will I learn in Grade 2?

In Grade 2 you will cover the following Units of Inquiry across the year through which all subjects will be taught. This will ensure that meaningful links are created wherever possible, in order to develop each child as a thinker, inquirer and communicator (attributes of the ‘Learner Profile’). Planning is therefore collaborative, so that links can also be made with P.E, Art, Music, Design as well as the core subjects literacy, math & science (where appropriate):


Friendships enrich our lives and require nurturing in order to develop.


Systems need to be in place to maintain organisation in communities


Imagination is a powerful tool for extending our ability to think, create and express ourselves


Understanding the properties of air allows people to make practical applications.


Over time, living things need to adapt in order to survive.


The development of a global perspective is supported through understanding our place in the world

  • How friends are made and kept

  • Why friends are needed

  • Characteristics that develop healthy friendships

  • The concept of organisation

  • Different systems of organisation that we use personally

  • Different systems of organisation in our community

  • Collection, storage and use of information or organisation

  • How we demonstrate and enjoy our imagination

  • How our imagination helps us to consider other perspectives

  • How imagination helps us to solve problems

  • The value of imagination

  • The evidence of the existence of air

  • What air can do and how we use it

  • The relationship between air, light and sound

  • The impact of our actions on air quality (look at air pollution).

  • Concept of adaptation

  • Circumstances that lead to adaptation

  • How plants and animals adapt or respond to environmental conditions

  • How we represent place

  • Representation of place through time

  • The relationship of our location to other parts of the world

How will I learn in Grade 2?

We will always begin by questioning, to find out what we know and what we want to discover. ‘How’ each child will learn with be dependent on their preferred learning style and so at the beginning of the year, in August, we will collectively discuss ‘How do we learn best?’ and ‘What stops us from learning?’

In Grade 2 the focus is on the development of independent thought through inquiry, both individual and small group, giving maximum opportunity to reflect, share and extend your learning. The process of shared and modelled reading and writing will develop your editing and reflection skills in order to create quality learning outcomes. Every child will develop their knowledge of themselves and others as learners and this will result in increased active participation in the assessment process through the use of peer and self-assessment.

What are the ATL skills we will focus on in Grade 2?

Key ATL skills will be Social, Communication and the development of Self-Management.

Communication Feedback to peers, speaking techniques, negotiation and collaboration of ideas.

Social Development of team-work, listening to others’ ideas and taking responsibility for your own actions.

Self-Management Positive behavior strategies to help you overcome negative emotions (anger, fear, anxiety…), development of positive thinking and ways to deal with change or challenges.