Grade 1

Grade 1


What will I learn in Grade 1?

In Grade 1 we will cover the following Units of Inquiry across the year through which all subjects will be taught to ensure that meaningful learning links are created wherever possible. Planning is therefore collaborative, so that links can also be made with P.E, Art and Music as well as the core subjects; literacy, mathematics and science (where appropriate):



Making balanced choices about daily routines enables us to have a healthy lifestyle.


Family histories provide an insight into cultural and personal identity.


Stories inform and provoke us, and give us pleasure.


Understanding the way materials behave and interact determines how people use them.


Relationships are enhanced by learning about other people’s perspectives and communicating your own..


Plants sustain life on Earth and play a role in our lives and those of animals.

  • Daily habits and routines (hygeine, sleep, play, eating)
  • Balanced choices
  • Consequences of choices
  • People in my family.
  • Changes and differences in family members over time.
  • What or how we celebrate
  • The features of a story/book
  • The types of messages stories convey
  • How stories make us feel
  • How stories are created and shared
  • The properties of materials
  • How materials behave when conditions change and interact with other materials
  • How recycled materials are used
  • Social interactions
  • Acknowledging others perspectives
  • Managing and resolving conflict
  • Caring for plants
  • How animals and plants work together.
  • Products we derive from plants
  • How plants contribute to life on Earth


How will I learn in Grade 1?

You will learn through inquiry and exploration.  You will develop an understanding of routines, location of resources and relationships within the class.  You will learn how to organize yourselves for activities, how to work together, share and how to cooperate within all contexts in the school.  You will learn how to make appropriate choices and which materials and tools to use.  When you share ideas with others, we will celebrate and reflect on each other’s learning.

You will develop decision making and planning as you work and how to represent your learning through a range of media, using new and familiar skills.   Through shared and modelled reading, writing and mathematics you will develop literacy and numeracy skills and your English will grow as you learn.

We will discuss what we know, what we would like to know and what we have learned through our inquiries.  Each child will be considered a unique learner and opportunities will be available for personal growth.

What are the ATL skills we will focus on in Grade 1?

Key ATL skills will be Social, Communication and the development of Self-Management.


Communication You will learn to communicate with peers, negotiate and collaborate.  You will exchange thoughts and ideas in a range of effective interactions.  You will read a variety of sources for information and pleasure.

Social You will learn how to take responsibility for your own actions.  You will learn how to listen to others’ perspectives and ideas

Self-management You will learn how to focus and concentrate during discussions, story times and other times requiring mindful attention.  You will begin to develop skills and strategies for effective learning.