Primary Years Program (PYP)

pyp-en-resizedThe Learner Profile is one of the primary facets of the IB and is encouraged and developed throughout the day. A typical day at IST begins for many children with morning supervision. It is a chance for the children to communicate with their friends. Children play and interact with their friends from all year groups, both young and old, being caring and open-minded.

Lessons begin at 8.45 with a flurry of activity. Students are keen to share news and stories with the class teacher before the busy day of inquiring begins. Throughout the various lessons, be it Unit Work, Languages, Mathematics, Art, Music, PE, IT or Drama, students and teachers are encouraged to ask questions, to inquire, to research, to think about the bigger issues affecting not just our small community of learners, to reflect on what they have learnt, to communicate and to share their knowledge.

We aim to promote open-mindedness and acceptance amongst our 15+ nationalities, to celebrate the differences these nationalities bring to our day and the opportunity they allow us to learn something more about the world around us and about ourselves. Students arrive at the school throughout the year from other schools within Norway, from Europe and as far abroad as China. Students join us speaking one, 2, 3 or even more languages – not all of them being English. They are welcomed by both teachers and students and with or without a common language, a means of communication is always found. New students are warmly welcomed within the small classes and very quickly feel confident and able to communicate with others.
Playtime is a chance for the children to be risk-takers – to try something new like making new friends, trying new experiences (enjoying the snow for the first time), and to treat others as they would like to be treated themselves, in short, to be principled.

A healthy balance between work and play!