Spanish Language Acquisition in MYP

What will I learn in Spanish?

Spanish is the second most popular and spoken language in the world. It is the official language in 24 countries in Latino-America and Europe. In Spanish, you will go through topics like “Me and my Family”, “Holidays and Traveling”, “Latin Culture”, etc. With these and other topics you will be able to communicate and express yourself in a different form, improve your self-confidence. In addition, it will allow you to develop awareness and understanding of a whole new culture.

How will I learn Spanish in school?

Spanish is a very interesting and playful language. During your learning experience on this subject, you will discover many funny and interesting ways to learn a language like: vocabulary drills, class discussions, oral and reading comprehension activities, role-playing, cooking, games, videos, music and many others in/outside classroom activities.

How will Spanish be useful to me?

Spanish is a Latin based language that will transform your travel and life experiences. This language will allow you to understand and be understood not only by people who speak Spanish, but people and places where Italian, Portuguese and French are spoken. So if you want to learn one of these other languages, expand your social network and to discover so much more of the Spanish and Latin culture, Spanish is an excellent tool to have.

What are the ATL skills are important in Spanish?

In Spanish as well as all MYP Subjects groups, Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills are very relevant. The students will have the opportunity to practice and demonstrate these skills through their learning engagements and assessments.

Thinking Learning this new language, will help you to improve your decision making.. You will also develop these skills when creating original work and material allowing you to explore and use different ways to express your knowledge and understanding.

Social Skills These skills will be used to build and developed relationships. They will empower you and you will become more confident when speaking to others and working collaboratively. During class discussions, the students will develop their empathy and become more socially aware and open-minded towards cultural and many other different aspects.

Communications Skills These skills will be present when reading critically and for comprehension. They .will be practiced by the students when using a variety of speaking techniques to communicate with different audiences. The students will develop their skills to communicate using appropriate forms of writing and speaking for different purposes.

Self-management skills The students will develop these skills when keeping schedules and meet deadlines . When communicating, these skills are reflected when the student structure information appropriately in writing, oral and visual work for learning and comprehend different information. Also when planning and managing their activities by using their different strategies.

Research Skills These skills will allow students to access information from a variety of sources, find and collect the information that later can be analyzed and used for different purposes. Giving the students the opportunity to develop their decision making and evaluate the obtained results.