Physical Education @ IST

What will I learn in Physical Education?

In the PYP, you will learn:

  • Fundamental movement skills, which include locomotion/travelling, manipulation and stability.

  • Healthy living, which includes growth and development, personal safety and injury prevention.

  • Active participation, which includes physical activity, physical fitness, living skills and safety.

All of the above will come under the umbrella of the PYP Personal, Social and Physical Education

In the MYP, you will learn:

  • Physical Activity

  • Active Living

  • Healthy Living

  • Living Skills

These will all covered through MYP Physical and Health Education

How will I learn Physical Education in school?

PE is a very practical subject that involves movement and doing things. It also involves how we work and communicate with others. You will have the chance to decide on what you learn and how you can use that information in your future life. You will also have the chance to try a range of different activities in different environments.

How will Physical Education be useful to me?

PE reaches out to everyone! It provides skills, knowledge and experiences based on which it is possible to adopt a physically active lifestyle. It offers an opportunity to reflect on right and wrong, selfishness and following the rules and to go through different feelings. It supports pupils’ well-being and growth towards independence and collaboration as well as self-motivated physical activity.

What ATL skills are important in Physical Education?

Self-management and organisational skills are important in PE. This can range from, have you got the correct PE clothing, to collecting equipment for a class activity. Also, extending to safe use of equipment.

Communication skills are an essential life skill that is fundamental in PE. It is key to all positive group work, be it team or individual based.

Social and collaboration skills are important when taking part in any activity involving groups. This includes leadership and problem solving skills in a variety of situations.