Norwegian Language & Literature in MYP

What will I learn in Language and Literature?

You will learn how to write, read and communicate ideas based on personal engagement in different kinds of creative processes.

 You will learn how to look for pictures in poems, to dramatize fairy tales, and how to communicate and express feelings, dreams and hope in a diary.

How will I learn Language and Literature in school?

You will learn Norwegian by communicating with your peers in school. You will discuss, analyze, create and produce in Norwegian.

You will develop these skills by reading and writing international literacy.

How will Language and Literature be useful to me?

Norwegian language is a great tool to understand Norway, but also the world around you.

Maybe you even will understand IB easier through Norwegian, and experience the knowledge and joy of knowing multiple languages.

What ATL skills are important in Language and Literature?

It is important to communicate through language and interaction, and to be social and appreciate collaboration with others.

It is important that you give and receive meaningful feedback and help others to succeed.

It is also important that you demonstrate information and media literacy; deepen your critical and creative thinking skills; and further develop your ideas and be able to evaluate and analyze them.