Mathematics in MYP

What will I learn in Mathematics?

Throughout the Middle Years Programme you will study a wide variety of topics covering all 4 branches of Mathematics:

  • Number

  • Algebra

  • Geometry and trigonometry

  • Statistics and probability


You will develop the skills to identify and express number patterns, utilise calculation and estimation skills. You will learn about the important concept of Algebra for problem solving and understand how it uses symbols and letters to represent numbers, quantities and operations.  You will study shapes and spaces in 2D and 3D and develop skills for measuring and manipulating objects using geometry and trigonometry. You will gain an understanding of data handling and learn how to collate, interpret and represent data in a meaningful way. In addition to this, you will also learn about probability and how to calculate ‘chance’.


How will I learn Mathematics in school?

A variety of methodologies will be used to benefit your learning experience, deepen your understanding of mathematics and develop your social and self-management skills. You will be given opportunities to inquire and test out hypotheses, observe patterns and investigate data.  You will use a variety of media to research projects and complement knowledge acquired in lessons. Often, you will be working in groups on assignments and tasks.

How will Mathematics be useful to me?

Mathematics is ever present in our everyday lives. From currency exchange to the statistics we see daily in the news. As consumers, we use mathematics to make purchasing decisions, some big (a house or a particular Mortgage rate), some small (like comparing the price of a litre of milk in competing shops).  If you have an interest in Science, you will require mathematics skills to calculate measure, predict and analyse. In Design, measurement, trigonometry and problem solving skills will be utilised. The applications of maths are extensive and you will find a list of careers that use maths

What ATL skills are important in Mathematics?

All ATL skills have importance and will be practiced in the classroom.

Thinking Skills The ability to problem solve is a key skill in mathematics

Social Skills Collaboration in class is encouraged and important to promote social development, particularly during group work.

Communication Skills It is important to be able to express mathematics statements using appropriate mathematical language, symbols and operations. In addition to this, Mathematics will enable you to effectively organise and represent data to communicate a message.

Self-Management Skills    During problem solving tasks, you will exercise how to practice focus in order to independently create an algorithm. Managing your work and being able to evaluate your own learning is also a key area for development.

Research Skills You will develop the ability to utilise a variety of technologies to find information and also be able to determine the reliability of any secondary data. In particular, this skill is heavily linked to the area of statistical analysis.