English Language & Literature in MYP

What will I learn in Language and Literature?

  • Different styles of written and spoken language such as to argue, to inform, to analyse and to compare

  • Appropriate and effective structuring and organisation of writing

  • Producing text to suit the purpose, audience, format and level of formality

  • Correct and effective use of vocabulary, grammar and punctuation

How will I learn Language and Literature in school?

  • Whole-class learning through modelling and explanation

  • Individual inquiry and practise

  • Group and paired activities/games

  • Examination ¬†of a range of spoken, visual and aural texts

  • Writing frames, rubrics and examples

  • Literature circles

  • Socratic seminars

How will Language and Literature be useful to me?

It will be useful across all subject areas. Writing of reports in science, essays in Individuals and Societies, explanations in maths and design. Also through the giving of articulate spoken presentations in other subjects, assemblies and events such as the Personal Project exhibition and the Lego competition.

What ATL skills are important in Language and Literature?

All of them!

You will use Thinking skills both creatively and critically.

Communication of written and spoken information, justifying, evaluating, concluding etc.

Social skills in collaborative work, such as working effectively in groups.

Self-management to organise your school/home life commitments and conflicts and meet task deadlines, to maintain motivation and to reflect on learning and goals.

Information literacy skills. Background research of context, authors etc. Validating findings and presenting them accurately and in the appropriate fashion.