Design in MYP

What will I learn in Design?

In Design, you will learn how to solve problems and challenges relating to both contrived and open contexts. You do this with the aim that by the end of your time in IST, you will have the skills to approach a problem and create either a physical, a system based and / or a digital based product to solve the problem.

How will I learn Design in school?Design-Cycle

The tool we use to solve problems and challenges is called the Design Cycle. This tool is a model that encourages you to work through 16 separate strands in order to develop an understanding of how you will solve the problem with knowledge; design a solution based upon your understanding; create the solution and plan how you will achieve this; and finally to evaluate your work and critically judge the success of the project and the product you have produced.

Throughout the years, you will begin with learning how to use this model with teacher support but with the aim that in the final year you can work independently to solve problems in an unfamiliar context or environment.

How will Design be useful to me?

Design is useful because by the very nature of the subject you are encouraged to work with the knowledge you have gained in other subject areas. Design often provides the opportunity for you to put your knowledge into practice. Familiarity with the Design Cycle also provides you with the necessary understanding and skills that can be used beyond IST when faced with problems to solve in real life.

What ATL skills are important in Design?

All of the ATL skills are important in design and will be used throughout your time here at IST.

Information literacy skills This will be embedded into tasks so you have an opportunity to develop the means to prioritise and utilise a variety of research materials that will allow you to successfully create a product or a solution.

Critical thinking skills When problems and challenges occur, it is expected that you can rationally create and understand how to effect your own solution.

Creative thinking skills This skill will provide an opportunity for you to explore your innovation and imagination to effect a solution or to enhance a design.

Transfer skills  You will be encouraged to draw upon previous experiences and knowledge gained in other subjects to be successful in the challenges you face.

Managing time and tasks effectively To complete work to deadlines and to balance tasks against time to ensure that all work is completed to a high standard.

Reading, writing and using language to gather and communicate information  Design gives you many opportunities to use and enhance these skills. As you work through the programme, the need to use more complex language and the demand of these skills increases.

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