IST Scholarships


Thank you for your interest in a scholarship place at IST for the next academic year. A scholarship is for one year at a time and must be re-applied for each academic year.

There are ten scholarships available each academic year.

The scholarship system at IST is as follows:

You will need to explain why you feel your child should have a scholarship at IST and how this fits with the admission criteria:

The scholarship is regarded as offering the opportunity for students to study in an international school environment and in the IB, and is available for students whose families find it not easy to pay the school fees. You do need to provide information about your economy in order to justify a scholarship. The principal will also look at how the student benefits being at IST, and what the student brings in terms of engagement with the school’s goals and philosophy as an IB and international school.

Please ensure you apply in writing by June 1st.