Fee Schedule

Review cycle: Every 12 months or as often as needed

Next planned review: December 2016, effective from January 2017

FEE SCHEDULE from January 2016

The International School Telemark is a non-profit making foundation, which actively seeks to keep the level of fees as low as financially viable.

Tuition fees follow the guidelines set by the Ministry of Education and the Education

Directorate and is ratified by the Board. Tuition fees are now:

  • Grade 1 – Grade 7 NOK 28 260,- per year  (3140,- per month)
  • Grade 8 – Grade 10 NOK 27 360,- per year (3040,- per month)

School fees are invoiced once a month for 9 months each year. 5 months before the summer and 4 months after. Please contact administration if you would like payments divided over more months.

Fees for other services provided by the school:

SFO fees: (after school child minding)

  • Full time place (186 school days) NOK  2.000 pr month
  • Part-time, 1 day pr week 20% NOK   400 pr måned
  • 2 days pr week 40% NOK   800 pr måned
  • 3 days pr week 60% NOK  1200 pr måned
  • 4 days  pr week 80% NOK  1600 pr måned

Part-time places are bound to a specific day each week.
Individual days NOK  150.- each time

Break Snacks:

Milk, juice and Yoghurt can be ordered at www.skolemelk.no

If you have any concerns about payments please do not hesitate to contact the school administration