Admissions Policy

Intake procedure International School Telemark

Intake criteria:

The intake criteria reflect that IST aims to provide stimulating and challenging international education in a multi-cultural environment. In a situation where there are more applicants for a particular year group than places available, the Principal will decide who will be allocated the available places on the basis of prioritized intake criteria.

The following criteria, listed in order of priority, shall be used:

  • Students with previous international or English language schooling
  • Students with siblings at IST
  • Students with at least one non-Norwegian parent
  • Students with at least one parent employed at IST
  • Students registered on the waiting list

More detailed definitions of the terms used in these criteria are found in the admissions document. If a student qualifies for more than one criterion, the one with the highest priority applies.

If a parent is not satisfied with the conclusion of the intake, the decision can be appealed to the School Board and ultimately to the Fylkesmann in Telemark. An appeal must be forwarded within 3 weeks

Intake procedure:

IST accepts students throughout the year providing the school has places available. Please contact the school office directly for up-to-date information on availability in each grade. Parents must apply using the admission process and both parents must sign the admission form. All potential students have to have a three day trial period to see how they fit with the school and its mission. Parents have to have a meeting with the school leadership, including the Principal, before a student tries out the school. Parents are asked to provide all relevant academic and social information about the student to the school. Any admission will be arranged by the Principal after the trial period.