The Staff at IST

IST is an international school in Norway, offering the IB curriculum. The majority of our staff are international, having trained, lived and worked in many countries outside of Norway. When employing staff, a rigorous and extensive series of interviews and reference checks are carried out. For the majority of positions, at least 3 interviews take place involving the Principal, a member of the Senior Management Team, and PYP / MYP / SEN Coordinators. Others may be involved depending on the role. Those invited for interview are also required to supply a minimum of 3 references. Reference checks are extensive and a sample can be viewed on our website.

Staff at IST come with a vast array of qualifications. Staff may have a teaching qualification or may be an expert in their field. IST offers an extensive training package to ensure that we have the right people in the right jobs, that they are suitably up-to-date in their field and are trained to the necessary standards.

Teaching qualifications are many and include teachers who have:

Bachelors in Education
Honours in Education
Post Graduate Certificate in Education
Masters in Education
Masters in Special Education
PPU (Norwegian)
Allmennlærerutdaning (Norwegian)

Our specialist subject teachers come with degrees and training in their field of expertise, from mother-tongue language specialists, to music, visual art, performing arts specialists and even social workers, barnevernspedagog (child welfare) and barne- og ungdomsarbeiderfaget (children and youth workers).

As is standard international training practice, teachers who teach in the primary section are not required to be subject specialists. International primary teachers may be an early years, junior primary or senior primary specialists. Norwegian qualifications that are acceptable for teaching in our primary department include allmenlærerutdaning and PPU. Where IST requires a specific skill set, the staff employed are able to offer this, whether it be mother-tongue, art, music or other areas. In our middle years department, teachers are trained as subject specialists, are experts in their field and / or have undergone specific subject related training outside of teaching. This is common international practice and IST ensures our subject teachers are up-to-date with their subject knowledge through an extensive training package of both IB and pedagogical training.

In addition to all these qualifications, teachers also have Nokut and / or Udir recognition of their qualifications, if required. This is a lengthy process and any teacher still working on this does so with the full knowledge, support and assistance of the school.