International School Telemark

International School Telemark is a popular and high-quality learning environment open to all students. We use English as the teaching medium and the world class International Baccalaureate as the school’s educational philosophy and curriculum. IST offers students from Grade 1 to Grade 10 a rich understanding of Telemark, Norway and Norwegian culture, and also a means to engage in English and other languages with an exciting and diverse world outside Norway. The core goal of IST is the quality learning of students and our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures, though many are Norwegian. We work and socialise through a demanding, challenging and enriching programme of study.


icon_quote You become an independent learner and you are able to think individually. (Iben)

icon_quote You really get to know people. Teachers get to focus on individual students. No bullying. (Josephine)

icon_quote The assessments require honest and hard work to complete them, which teaches you how to complete large pieces of work. (Asbjørn)